Why Use Hydro Excavation?

What is Vacuum Excavation?

Dumping Sequence-1Vacuum excavation utilizes the kinetic energy in a high velocity air stream to penetrate, expand and break-up soil. The loosened soil and rocks are then removed from the hole through the use of a very powerful vacuum. In this way, a hole is created that is typically one to two feet square and as deep as required to expose the buried utility.

Earth Vac’s vacuum excavation system also plays an important role in directional boring by enabling operators to know the exact location of utilities intersecting the bore path and to also remove bentonite slurry from the boring site.

What are the benefits?

Dumping Sequence-2Earth Vac offers Hydrovac solutions to eliminate the potential risks involved during any excavation procedure.  Our Hydrovac systems use high-pressure water and a powerful vacuum to quickly and cleanly remove soil and material to expose underground utilities.  This non-destructive method of excavation is a safe cost effective alternative to conventional mechanical excavation techniques.

Today, one of the most critical and disturbing problems during an excavation procedure is the sudden strike or contact of an underground utility such as a pipeline or water main.  Any damage to an underground utility can have results that range from an immediate consequence of loss of containment to a disruption of services.  Disastrous results from minor nicks and cuts to a utility may not happen immediately, but could surface several years later, causing significant environmental or other damage in the vicinity of the utility.

Cold or frozen ground can be easily excavated through any depth with the same advantages of minimal ground disturbance with decreased costs associated with excavation restoration.

Vacuum excavating offers advantages over traditional methods. Excavation with a backhoe and dump truck requires more workers and disturbs a large area even when digging a small hole. Vacuum excavating requires fewer crew members and a small, neatly excavated footprint. This technique can also be used on frozen ground using heated water which eliminates delays caused by conventional thawing methods.

What is it used for?

Dumping Sequence-3Here are some applications that Vacuum Excavation are used for:

  • Underground Utility Location Verifications
  • Gas or Water Line Service Terminations or Installations
  • Manway and Value Box Cleaning/Maintenance
  • Advanced Pre-Job Surveying and Mapping of Utilities
  • Vault Cleaning
  • Utility Pothole
  • Manhole & Catchbasin Cleaning

Is it Environmentally Safe?

Environmentally Safe

Dumping Sequence-4Earth Vac Environmental units are custom designed for the most varied types of excavating. With an Earth Vac truck on your job site, it is like having several pieces of equipment in one mobile package. Incorporating a positive displacement vacuum system, we are able to vacuum up any type of material imaginable, from water and mud to gravel and rocks.

Utilizing our on-board jackhammer, and/or low volume, high pressure water, Earth Vac is able to excavate through asphalt, concrete and hardpan. All material is vacuum loaded in our self contained debris body, which we can dump on-site or haul away.  Since it is just water, we can dump our material without harming the environment.

Earth Vac can also be used next to creeks or streams without harming the area surrounding.